A Ten-Cousin reunion was held on Barbara & Jeff and Linda & Dawie’s farm Umvoti Villa in KZN. What a venue!


Nine cousins made it. The tenth tried her best to get there from Seattle Washington, but ran out of steam walking halfway across the Alps!

One cousin rode on his Harley all the way from New Zealand, one canoed up the Dusi, one arrived with wine in her boot, one with Engen in her tank, one with roses in her arms, one with architects plans to change the place, one flew in in a Harvard, one pulling a caravan, one (help needed . . )

– Nine Cousins – and Shirley as in inset –

Four brought their long-suffering spouses. Imagine being married to a Swanepoel!

For some reason the youngest one there (a great-great grandaughter of Ouma & Oupa) thought she was in charge:

Swanie _Fotor_Collage2.jpg
– Mary-Kate and flowers –
– beautiful Umvoti Villa homestead –
– here the shortest, youngest watches the tallest (but youngest cousin) take a picture – of the second-youngest cousin –

It was actually a Union, come to think of it, not a Re-union, as the nine had never before gathered in one place.


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